HTC HD2 seen running Tekken 3

HTC HD2 seen running Tekken 3
It may not be as popular as the Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat series, but Tekken has a decent following as a fighting game. We can’t argue about the processing power that the HTC HD2 carries, but we’re confident it can run some really good looking games. Someone has managed to get one of the original Playstation’s most popular fighting games, Tekken 3, to play effortlessly on the HTC HD2 using FPSECE 0.10. As you watch the video, you’ll notice how it’s able to meticulously replicate the original experience – it even supports multi-touch and Bluetooth controllers. Using the touchscreen to attempt stringing combos may not be the most suitable way to go, but at least you’ve got Tekken 3 running so smoothly. You can check it out yourself and get directions on how to install it over at the forums on XDA-Developers.

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source: XDA-Developers via wmpoweruser

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