HTC HD2 is used to steer and navigate a robot to its target

HTC HD2 is used to steer and navigate a robot to its target
When you're backed by a well known Bluetooth accessory maker, you'd expect to see a handful of developers craft a surprisingly refreshing device that people can interact with – something that's evident with Parrot's AR.Drone quadricopter. However, when you're basically a small independent operator trying to get a handy robot off the ground, you can't expect the most fine tuned experience and just go with the basics. The Protos III universal robot might look like a heavy duty robot you might not want to mess with, but it is actually designed to be controlled by an HTC HD2. As you can see from the video, the control scheme might not be the most straightforward system we've seen out there, but you can essentially send this robot into the field while being controlled by the HTC HD2. Connected via Wi-Fi to a netbook attached to its housing, there are some lengthy command lines needed to get this robot to move in specific directions. Most likely still in the early stages, this might end up being refined to get it more user friendly – just like what we've seen on the G1 powered Truckbot. This is just yet another example on how some of our favorite cell phones can be used to power robots that can some day escape the bonds of control and become self-aware – we'll see.

source: letsmakerobots via wmpoweruser


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