HTC Edge Sense explained: here's what you can do with a squeeze of the HTC U 11

"Squeeze for the brilliant" – this was the tagline accompanying the event invitation HTC sent out a month ago. It made little sense at the time, but now that the HTC U 11 is official, it is pretty clear what HTC did there. The company's latest flagship device is capable of detecting various levels of pressure when it is squeezed, thus allowing you to use this action as a shortcut to a number of functions. 

A gimmick? Some might see it as such, but the HTC Edge Sense feature, as it is officially called, could come quite in handy. When taking pictures with the HTC U 11, for example, a squeeze triggers the shutter – useful for those epic-angle selfie shots. In this scenario, Edge Sense might be more convenient to use than, let's say, a hardware or an on-screen button. And the action works even when the phone is wet, or if the user is wearing gloves, which is neat.

Furthermore, HTC Edge Sense allows for a certain degree of customization. The actions it triggers can be defined by the user, meaning that you are free to link a squeeze to a certain favorite app. You can set it to launch the camera, to turn the flashlight on, or to wake your virtual assistant – Google's own or Amazon Alexa. While Edge Sense will not respond differently depending on which portion of the HTC U 11 you squeeze, it can differentiate between a long and a short squeeze, and these can be used as two separate triggers. You may also adjust the amount of force required to trigger an action. 

That's cool and all, but how does HTC Edge Sense actually work? Well, our initial assumption was that the display was somehow capable of detecting various levels of pressure, but that's not the case, as it turns out. HTC has equipped the U 11 with arrays of pressure sensors – four on either side – dedicated solely to making Edge Sense a possibility. The good thing is that the sensors are quite precise, consume very little power, and their performance will not degrade over time, HTC promises. But on the downside, the U 11's stand-out feature might not work well with certain types of protective cases. 

source: HTC



1. nebula

Posts: 1009; Member since: Feb 20, 2015

Bring on review. This phone looks SUPER promisingly i have to say.

2. Heisenberg

Posts: 378; Member since: Feb 11, 2015

Review this guy and let's see what it's got

3. Plasticsh1t

Posts: 3109; Member since: Sep 01, 2014

Good thing that it will be available very soon. Maybe before the XZ Premium will land.

4. Stranger

Posts: 73; Member since: Jan 19, 2017

Not buying a phone with such huge bezels ,at that price , in 2017.

10. Sale247

Posts: 73; Member since: May 08, 2014


5. omnitech

Posts: 1131; Member since: Sep 28, 2016

Looks pretty lame. Lol

6. ijuanp03

Posts: 686; Member since: Dec 30, 2014

All THE best specs you want on a phone is in the HTC U11. Please. HTC... spend more on marketing. Don't get overshadowed by Huawei. It doesn't matter if Samsung,Apple or LG is currently on top. As long as you make an effort in trying to raise awareness on your phones. People won't buy this awesome phone if normal consumers don't know they exist. Good luck HTC!

7. ibend

Posts: 6747; Member since: Sep 30, 2014

best? did it have the best camera? best battery life? best screen-to-body ratio? best screen? color accuracy? HDR mode? quad-DAC? wireless charging?

9. KingSam

Posts: 1516; Member since: Mar 13, 2016

I squeezed my phone. Hit the powe button lol. Gimmick

11. megathaszrul89

Posts: 203; Member since: Jan 08, 2015

I don't mind if people called it lame, bezel breeder or boring. I find that edge sense pretty innovative. The back looks something new. Just can't wait for the review, to measure this phone's worthiness.

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