HTC EVO 4G is taken apart piece by piece - reveals Wi-Fi b/g/n is on board

HTC EVO 4G is taken apart piece by piece - reveals Wi-Fi b/g/n is on board
Not necessarily that this latest round of news surprises us, especially when plentiful amounts of HTC EVO 4G units are running around pre-release, but the Android powered handset was recently torn apart meticulously piece by piece to get down and dirty with its innards. ifixit is no stranger in this seemingly normal process dished out onto upcoming big-time phones as there are some things uncovered regarding the handset before it's officially released to the masses. After taking the handset apart, it is revealed that it packs a Broadcom BCM4329 chip-set which essentially supports Wi-Fi b/g/n. It's interesting to say the least especially when Sprint fully acknowledges that the handset presents b/g connectivity – however the the Wi-Fi n connection is glaringly omitted. Nonetheless, the rest of the tear down process reveals pretty much what we've all been expecting without any major surprises.

HTC EVO 4G Specifications | Review

source: iFixit via SlashGear


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