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HTC EVO 3D updated to Android 4.0

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HTC EVO 3D updated to Android 4.0
Owners of the HTC EVO 3D have been sprinting (no charge for that one) to report that this morning their trusty handset had a notification of an update. And now, owners of the stereoscopic 3D handset are sporting a genuine member of the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich club. When you get down to it, this shouldn't be that surprising considering that the handset is only a bit more than 13 months old in human age. Unfortunately, that translates into a smartphone age of 110 years old. But the HTC EVO 3D has aged well and Sprint even beat its own early August estimate of when the update would occur.

Just updated, the HTC EVO 3D
While the HTC EVO 3D could be the George Hamilton of the smartphone world, and the device might win you some stuffed animals with the 'Guess your age' game at your local carnival, it still is not equipped with the latest and greatest processor. Sure, that dual-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8660 was quite a thing in its day, but the whole dual-core bit is now just old. That is why HTC EVO 3D owners will find that today's update includes Sense 3.6 instead of Sense 4.0.

Still, this is a good thing for HTC EVO 3D owners. Heck, there are some younger smartphones around (Motorola DROID 3, anyone?) that will never get the update. The closest that those models get to Ice Cream Sandwich is when their owners are eating one and it accidentally drips on the phone.

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