HTC Droid Incredible to get VCAST App store next week?

HTC Droid Incredible to get VCAST App store next week?
As we reported, Verizon plans on offering competition to the Android Market in the form of the VCAST App store. The store will be available to all of the carrier's Android models running 2.2-including the first-gen Motorola DROID. Big Red has announced that the HTC Droid Incredible will be the first handset to receive the new app store which will be downloaded onto the phone via an OTA upgrade.

No date was given by Verizon for the update, but with a number of new Android phones getting launched on November 11th, that would seem to be an appropriate date to roll-out the download for the HTC Droid Incredible. The new app store from Verizon will permit you to purchase an app and have it billed to your monthly invoice from the carrier. It is also thought that the store will offer some titles that are exclusive to Verizon.

Other changes to the handset expected from the OTA upgrade include support for Yahoo! IMAP e-mail, improvements for YouTube, Google Maps, Flash and Slacker radio.

source: Verizon

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Droid Incredible
  • Display 3.7" 480 x 800 pixels
  • Camera 8 MP
  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S1, Single core, 1000 MHz
  • Storage 8 GB + microSDHC
  • Battery 1300 mAh(5.21h talk time)



1. MikeG77

Posts: 426; Member since: Nov 24, 2008

WTF Verizon! Why not release the OTA update without the VCAST crap?!

2. jcoberg10

Posts: 112; Member since: Oct 30, 2009

Agreed, the incredible has a lot of bloat wear, that can not be removed. I've paid a total of $0.99 for apps in 7 months i don't want to pay for apps there for i don't need Vcast app store.... BEAT IT!

6. WP7Fan unregistered

Honestly every carrier has bloatware so I dont really see why this is such a big deal when everyone else also does the same thing...tis one reason why I like WP7 as you can uninstall the bloatware.

3. 123stilt unregistered

WHY WOULD ANYONE PAY FOR VCAST APPS when there is an android market with pretty much every you want either free or paid and with the android market place you got 24hrs to get a refund as well. no way vzw (ed lover voice)"come on son!!!"

7. WP7Fan unregistered

the purpose for this is for people to bill to thier account and not have to use a credit card or google check out. Its a benefit for those who might want to pay for the app later rather then right one knows about the refund process till the app is out also dont want to use it ...then just use market.

4. MikeG77

Posts: 426; Member since: Nov 24, 2008

This is a Google OS! I don't need Bing, Bing Maps, City ID, VZ Navigator or this so called VCast app store! Verizon is just being greedy......which is normal for them! There are 2 ways to fix this.....either someone sues Verizon or companies like HTC, Samsung and LG stick up to Verizon and tell them not to @#$% with there products!

8. WP7Fan unregistered

if your in the business of making money...dont you want to...well...make money...besides its not like the OEM's are selling devices direct to consumers..if that was the case then people would pay 500 to 800 for a phone easy..also certain phones like the incredible and even to some degree the Evo wouldnt be around since carriers order these phones to the companys on specifications...kiss that 8gig internal storage goodbye....and even still people act like carriers bully OEM's lol.

9. MikeG77

Posts: 426; Member since: Nov 24, 2008

Im not saying Verizon can't make money what i am saying is that these services should be optional! As a consumer i should have the option to remove ANY unwanted software that i deem unwanted. They could easily produce an app that you can download but now there forcing it on people.

5. newfdog 13

Posts: 64; Member since: Mar 06, 2010

Typical greedy Verizon, can't leave well enough alone. Sell me the damn phone, the way the manufacturers want them spec'd out, and just give me my signal!!! IS THAT SO HARD?

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