Verizon confirms VCAST App store for handsets using Android 2.2

Verizon confirms VCAST App store for handsets using Android 2.2
The other day, we reported that Verizon was planning on launching a VCAST App store to compete against the Android Market. The carrier today, at the Verizon Developer Community in conference in Las Vegas, confirmed that it would open the store by the end of the year for handsets loaded with Android 2.2. Verizon's VP of consumer solutions, Greg Haller, was quoted as saying, "Some have asked – Verizon, what are you thinking? Is there really a need for another store? We think so."

Unlike apps purchased in the Android Market which can be portable from carrier to carrier, Verizon's apps are an attempt to lock a user into Big Red. If you have spent a lot of money for apps purchased from the VCAST store, you might think twice about switching carriers. One benefit for the user is that app purchases can get charged to the users monthly invoice. Verizon claims that its store will also offer a curated model.

During the conference, Verizon said that it would approve apps quickly, and would give developers new API's and tools to work with. And rather than being a companion store for the Android Market, the VCAST App store will be competition for Google. But make no mistake about it, Google and Verizon have two separate goals; Google is trying to keep you buying Android phones while Verizon wants you to continue using its pipeline.

source: androinica

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