HTC Desire & Samsung Galaxy S square off in a Quake 2 death-match

HTC Desire & Samsung Galaxy S square off in a Quake 2 death-match

It's a death-matchfor the ages as we find the Snapdragon powered HTC Desire on one sideagainst the new competitor found in the Hummingbird processor packingSamsung Galaxy S. Both handsets were pitted against one another in aclassic Quake 2 death-match to see which handset is able to deal withthe intensive graphics and game play that accompanies the experience.If you're into gaming and pure raw power, the Samsung Galaxy S andits 1GHz Hummingbird processor is clearly separating the gap betweenit and the all too familiar Snapdragon processor. Just by watchingthe video, you can see for yourself at how smooth the game runs onthe Galaxy S as opposed to the Desire. For quite some time, we'veseen the prowess that the Snapdragon processor managed to exude,but now it's considerably receding its powers in the presence of theHummingbird processor. So if gaming is what's on the top of yourlist, then the Samsung Galaxy S is looking more likely to be a bettercandidate.

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