HTC Bliss said to be first Android smartphone specifically aimed at women

HTC Bliss said to be first Android smartphone specifically aimed at women
What can HTC do to make an Android  phone designed for women? Speculation has arisen that the Taiwan based manufacturer is working with Verizon on the HTC Bliss, a smartphone for the ladies that would be the first Android model with such a focus. Right off the bat, it is being said that the device will feature a green hue in order to achieve some kind of a "calming effect", while a soft-touch rubber casing will help provide a better grip on the phone similar to the HTC DROID Incredible 2. It will be a half centimeter thinner than the T-Mobile G2.

On the software side of things, it's expected that the handset will come loaded with shopping comparison and calorie counting apps. In addition, it seems the "calming" theme will continue with the wallpaper. Looks like HTC is really concerned with the fact that a lot of women are stressed these days.

What's more interesting about the HTC Bliss are the accessories that are rumored to be available for it. First off we have a wireless charging dock with speakers, then a square-shaped speaker for a car is also rumored to be in the mix, as well a stylish Bluetooth headset that should match the phone's design language. The attention-grabber here seems to be a device called "charm indicator", which will be a cube shaped box that comes with a hook to attach to a purse or bag. It will light up to notify the phone's owner that there is a message or missed call. Although most of us would think this thing is to work wirelessly, it seems that it will attach to the phone with a cord, in order to make it easier for women to pluck the handset out of their purse, for example...

The HTC Bliss is apparently headed for Verizon but neither the manufacturer, nor carrier would respond to questions about the device. And while many have complained that HTC devices all look the same, this might be a good way to make a device completely different from all of the others.

Will this idea backfire or will it end up with a whole new group of Android fans?

source: Thisismynext via AndroidandMe

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