HP to build Android flavored tablet?

HP to build Android flavored tablet?
According to a well-placed source familiar with the project, HP is about to introduce an Android powered tablet. This is not going to be just any tablet, but a high-end model powered by the NVIDIA Tegra 4. The latter was introduced during CES and is expected to debut in the second quarter with NVIDIA's Project Shield gaming system. Meanwhile, HP's slate has been in the works since Thanksgiving. Other manufacturers like Toshiba are planning tablets using the chip.

The report says that HP will be holding private meetings during MWC, most likely to show off the tablet. HP is not expected to unveil the tablet to the public during the event at Barcelona. The company is going to need to really differentiate itself from the other Android tablets out there, and not wanting to do it with price, the only alternative is to compete on features.

HP's decision to go with Android comes after its failed attempt to profit from webOS. Can HP make a go out of it this time after the failure that was the purchase of Palm? webOS had the stink of failure on it by the time HP made its ill-fated purchase. This time, with Android, things should be a lot different.

source: ReadWrite

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