HP Pre 3 going back on sale this week

HP Pre 3 going back on sale this week
The HP Pre 3 was an exciting device - but HP probably never dreamed of such a wild demand with people hunting for it everywhere. In Europe, it has sold out quicker than out of the oven chocolate chip cookies, but now another batch is coming, this time of a slightly modified version of the HP Pre 3, targetted at the French market, as it has an AZERTY keyboard instead of the traditional QWERTY.

But that probably won’t stop buyers, who can check the Palm Eurostore where the device should appear for sale by the end of the week for the irresistible price of around $144 (89 British pounds) for the 16 gig model, $185 (115 pounds) for a 32GB version or $257 (159 pounds) for the 64GB Pre 3. French website Topachat has also put the handset up for sale, starting at $183 (129 euro).

HP is also refunding those who bought devices before the firesales kicked off in various European markets including the UK. HP clarified that if you paid a higher price and activated or registered your webOS account before August 23rd, you can apply for the refund on HP’s website. Sadly, though, there’s no information about stateside sales of the Pre 3, but for those in Europe - are you buying the Pre 3?

source: TheInquirer, LeJournaldugeek

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1. snowgator

Posts: 3621; Member since: Jan 19, 2011

Just think: Had HP done the Pre 3 FIRST, and the useless Veer and the promising Touchpad afterwards, would they still have thought of WeBOS as a no win? Still bothers me, the wasted opportunity.

2. soapboxpreacher unregistered

Would really love to have one on a US carrier. webOS is a breath of fresh air! Simply, intuitive, organized, clean, and quite stable! After going to an Android from a Pre (I was lucky my pre was quite a good one, unlike many others). Android is disorganized, messy task management. Loads of apps are needed to do core function...I am like a broken record on that comment! Email, TXTing, IMing, Calendar, Keyboard, Multitasking are all done far and away better in webOS then android or Apple! As for android, just not impressed. It feels unfinished. I am now using Gingerbread and it is more stable but my stock android keyboard on froyo I liked better. This one makes more mistakes and I hit the "." instead of space far more! Just my 2 cents. Using an android device for over a year has made me appreciate webOS even more. It is easy to operate, Works as it should. Easy and yet it doesnt have a lot of apps or widgets. My exchange email doesnt not display HTML on my android email app...once again I need another app like touchdown to get it to work...same goes for hotmail. I can do this on the pre without 3 apps to cover all my email addresses! But here is the big thing about the pre for me it function easier as a phone and I could use it far more safely in a car then my onscreen keyboard only android ( i tried the droid as well and it wasnt much better from a safety standpoint...sliding it open was hard to do with one hand! Speed dials were easier and similar to a blackberry to use. And yes I have setup direct dials on one of my home screens but I can only get so many one one screen. I have had some close ones looking for contact on android...never have I on the pre! And voice dial just isnt that accurate on android...but depending on your carry some use a 3rd party voice dialer...many dont work over bluetooth...mine doesnt! Someone needs to remind google these are phones first! The in-ability to not be able to search a contact by company name is terrible,,,but then again there is an app for that...and it works far at best! Considering this OS came from company that has made its bacon on search...the search on android is poor! My pre was far better! I could only imagine the Pre3 would have been better in every way to the original sprint pre I had! I would love a Pre3 for a CDMA/LTE Carrier! Ok...I am stepping off my soapbox...

9. Geoff unregistered

As a user of Palm for many years I would very much like to get my hands on a Pre3, but 2 items have been bothering me. 1. with the plug pulling by HP will further updates on the Pre3 OS software continue? - security updates 2. Will warranties be honoured if there's a snag? Any ideas? Thanks for your input. G.

3. monstermash123 unregistered

Maybe these prices aren't in effect today, but the palm eurostore is only selling the 8gig version for 200 Euros.

4. markx unregistered

- Topachat sold them for 129 EURO - Palm Eurostore sells them for 200 EURO WTF ???

5. Baltaza7

Posts: 4; Member since: Feb 12, 2011

AZERTY keyboard....idk.

6. Lucas777

Posts: 2137; Member since: Jan 06, 2011

c'est français..

7. ac1964 unregistered

I got my Pre 3 (paid £160 on box.co.uk) on Friday last and I both love & hate it in equal amounts. I love it because it is a brilliant device ( fantastic evolution of the original machine ) and hate it because it is the last in a line of devices that run this fantastic OS. I remember at the end of my first day with my first Pre, I bought it the day they went on sale here in Ireland. I thought to myself ' This is a fantastic first generation device, by the time it gets to the 3rd version it will be awesome and will take over the mobile landscape '. I was only half right on that one. Which leads me to question HP's actions with WebOS. They only released a couple of devices under their stewardship and decided to walk away because they didn't sell well. They are not going to sell if they are not marketed and promoted. I would have no faith in buying any devices from HP that introduce new technology because if it doesn't sell, they could pull the plug on the project.

8. RichardRSB unregistered

Bull there is no 64 Gb, and 32 Gb. 16 Gb's are not release to public. Pricing is also bull. All nonsense.

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