HP Pre 3 going back on sale this week

HP Pre 3 going back on sale this week
The HP Pre 3 was an exciting device - but HP probably never dreamed of such a wild demand with people hunting for it everywhere. In Europe, it has sold out quicker than out of the oven chocolate chip cookies, but now another batch is coming, this time of a slightly modified version of the HP Pre 3, targetted at the French market, as it has an AZERTY keyboard instead of the traditional QWERTY.

But that probably won’t stop buyers, who can check the Palm Eurostore where the device should appear for sale by the end of the week for the irresistible price of around $144 (89 British pounds) for the 16 gig model, $185 (115 pounds) for a 32GB version or $257 (159 pounds) for the 64GB Pre 3. French website Topachat has also put the handset up for sale, starting at $183 (129 euro).

HP is also refunding those who bought devices before the firesales kicked off in various European markets including the UK. HP clarified that if you paid a higher price and activated or registered your webOS account before August 23rd, you can apply for the refund on HP’s website. Sadly, though, there’s no information about stateside sales of the Pre 3, but for those in Europe - are you buying the Pre 3?

source: TheInquirer, LeJournaldugeek

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