HP Omni10 appears at the FCC, probably a 10-inch Windows tablet

The HP Omni lineup consists of Windows-based all-in-one personal computers, but this newest member of the series appears to be a bit more compact. Okay, it is probably a lot more compact as it is a 10-inch tablet, as far as we can tell. It is known as the HP Omni10 and it has just been spotted over at the FCC. 

As is often the case with FCC filings, little about the tablet's specs is being mentioned. The HP Omni10 has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a camera of some kind on its back, and that's pretty much all we have so far. We can't even tell if it is made to run Windows or not (although it most likely is). Who knows, the HP Omni10 might be one of those dual-booting hybrids, capable of running Android alongside a Windows installation. But the latter is just a guess.

With the launch of IFA 2013 just a couple of weeks away, chances are we might see the HP Omni10 during the expo. Stay tuned for updates if Windows-flavored slates are your cup of tea!

source: FCC via Techkiddy

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