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HP CEO admits that "innovation takes too long to get to market"

Posted: , posted by Victor H.

HP CEO admits that

HP's CEO Leo Apotheker is very enthusiastic about the upcoming HP/Palm products including the HP Pre 3 and the HP TouchPad, but even he admits that as innovative as those products are the delay of their launch is significant:

“It’s not that we aren’t innovative, it’s that it takes too long to get to market,” Apotheker comments. Both devices are expected in the summer months, with rumors slating the HP TouchPad for release in June. The truly unique webOS experience unfortunately seems to suffer delays from its initial launch on the Palm Pre and those delays were in the core of Palm's problems. But just when will the quicker launch of products happen? Obviously, not for this generation of products, but hopefully we'll see HP push future devices faster to market.

source: SlashGear

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