Grab a Sony Open-Ear headset for less than 50% its price!

Grab a Sony Open-Ear headset for less than 50% its price!

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Sony's Open-Ear headset is an interesting one — maybe even revolutionary to some. Its whole concept is to give users the in-ear experience in terms of portability and fit, but allow them to hear and interact with the outside world.

So, this could be good for cyclists who want to be aware of traffic, dog walkers that prefer to stay present when walking their pooch, and other such scenarios where blocking the outside world is just not a great idea.

Sony calls this "Dual listening" and achieves it with a special Spatial Acoustic Conductor, which projects the sound straight into the hollow earpiece. In the meantime, you still get to hear the outside world.

This here is not the new wireless Xperia Ear Duo headset. It's the wired version from 2016. But hey, better test out the technology on a cheap option before shelling out the $280 that the new headset costs!


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