Google's iOS app now takes full advantage of "peek" and "pop" actions

Google's iOS app now takes full advantage of
One of the most notable features for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus is Apple's 3D Touch. 3D Touch essentially creates additional gestures and actions that can be used through the use of a pressure-sensitive screen. We've seen a handful of Android-powered handsets try their hand at this sort of thing in the past, but Apple has been the only company so far to really nail this feature on the head.

However, as much potential as 3D Touch has, it's only as good as the apps that support it. App developers have done a fairly good job at enabling support for these various gestures within their apps, and as more and more developers hop on board, the more fleshed out and useful 3D Touch will become. One of the companies that was quick to enable 3D Touch support for their iOS app was none other than Google. From the home screen of any iOS device that supports 3D Touch, users are able to press down on the Google app icon and get a pop-up menu for various actions. This menu includes options for Quick Search, Voice Search, Image Search, and most recently in February, an option for Google's I'm Feeling Curious search. 

As well supported as the Google app already is, the company is back at it again with yet even further support for Apple's 3D Touch. In this latest update, Google is taking full advantage of the "peek" and "pop" gestures that are one of the biggest parts of 3D Touch. When you're now using the Google app on iOS, you will be able to use a hard press on a link or map to get a little preview window of the content that that link contains. If you apply further pressure, that window will "pop" into a more traditional full-screen view. On top of this, users will also be able to use a hard press on the G icon within the application in order to initiate a search. And, if you're rocking an iOS device that doesn't have support for 3D Touch, you can perform this same action with a long press on the screen.

The new update lands on the App Store today, and it can be downloaded here.



1. Kumar123 unregistered

Google apps are better on ios.

2. XDAdam

Posts: 276; Member since: Feb 03, 2016

I'm really starting to think so. I'm switching from Android to iOS next month with the iPhone7. All of my Google services will be able to run just fine on iOS.

3. Nopers unregistered

I said this about a year ago and got a lot of s**t for saying so, nice to see that somebody else agrees.

4. MrElectrifyer

Posts: 3960; Member since: Oct 21, 2014

I can agree on that to an extent given how stupidly bastardized even the YouTube app is on Android compared to what I experienced on iOS. Can't like/dislike comments, can't + reference other participants in the conversation, sort order for comments is bizarre, can't see what you're replying to as you reply, especially to long comments, and can't see how many agree with a comments point of view. The conversation aspect of the app is STUPIDLY BROKEN compared to what's on iOS. You're even much better off just using the website.

5. MrElectrifyer

Posts: 3960; Member since: Oct 21, 2014

That said, I find the Google maps and google translate apps to be better on Android, plus the Google search app offering voice search from anywhere and assist on tap from anywhere makes it better on Android.

6. jeroome86

Posts: 2314; Member since: Apr 12, 2012

That's what I hear. Last article I read said iOS apps are crashing more then the Androids. Be interesting to see what iOS 10 brings. If this is true hope Apple kicks quality control into high gear.

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