Google's Translate about to get a whole lot more useful... on Android 6 Marshmallow devices

Google has definitely been making strides with its Translate app, steadily growing it to a tool that gets more and more useful by the day. The app can not only translate written texts, but also listen to spoken word and then reproduce it via the phone's text-to-speech, or use your phone's camera and translate print text in real-time. Pretty impressive, “this is the future”-type of stuff right there.

The company has just announced an upcoming update, which will bring about a feature not as cool as the ones listed above, but definitely just as practical, if not more so. The new Translate will integrate itself with Android on a deep level, allowing you to use it from the text selection menu from within any app.

What this means that you will be able to use Google Translate from within apps, no matter if you are sending emails, texts, chat messages, taking notes, or whatever else text-related, without having to leave the app and pause your work or chat. Pretty neat. The catch, you ask? It's only going to be available on Android 6.0 Marshmallow devices.


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