Google's Sundar Pichai says Galaxy S6 will run Android, no new Nexus phone before Q3 2014


Although Google is not presenting atMobile World Congress, it has to attend the world's biggest mobileevent in some form, right? Right! Sundar Pichai (pictured to the left), head of Android andChrome developments at Google, was in Barcelona to meet with fellow attendeesand see what's up. He made several interesting statements whilespeaking to reporters:

Google didn't court WhatsApp

"Google has never made an offerfor WhatsApp. This information was completely false." - Pichaifirmly stated. This goes to show the power of the Internet to make upfalse truths. There is a little bit of truth to every lie, though -Google did talk to WhatsApp, but a deal was never coined. Mr.Pichai also said that it will be "exciting to see what willhappen to Facebook and WhatsApp." He sure seems moreenthusiastic about this than all the users who rapidly switched tocompeting apps, such as Telegram and Threema out of security doubts.

Microsoft is free to do what it wantswith Android

Asked about the Android-running phones,which the Finns unveiled to much excitement and debate at the event,Google's mobile overseer laughed, and had this to say: "Thisshows that when we say that Android is a free operating system, we donot lie, it's true". He also stated that he couldn't seeMicrosoft's strategy "very clearly". Maybe he could haveasked Stephen Elop to brief him on the matter...

Android malware is flattering

It's no secret that mobile malwaregrows best on Android. According to Pichai, this is due to it beingthe “most used operating system in the world”. He also added: "IfI had a company dedicated to malware, I would also be addressing myattacks to Android." - presumably with a face so smug, itrivaled that of Obama.

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No Nexus 6 before Fall

On the topic of a new Nexus phone, theAndroid warden was unrelenting: "I can assure you, it will notbe released in the first half of the year." Well, good thingscome to those who wait!

The Galaxy S6 will run Android

Asked about the "sea change"in Google and Samsung's relationship, Sundar Pichai said that thereality was "more boring" than the media presented it. Hepoured cold water on the rumors of tension between the two, but saidthat "he'd rather" have Samsung use Android for itswearable devices. The Gear smart-watches, which the Koreans presentedat MWC, both run on the Linux-based Tizen OS. However, Mr. Pichaiassured everyone that next year's Galaxy S6 will be an Android phone.Basically, we trust him with this almost as much as we'd trustSamsung Mobile's JK Shin.

source: via BGR

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