Google's Matias Duarte is impressed with Facebook Home, takes a jab at OEMs

Google's Matias Duarte is impressed with Facebook Home, takes a jab at OEMs
Facebook Home has gotten generally positive reviews from professional outlets, even if they always come with the caveat that not everyone likes Facebook to begin with. We've said that whether or not you like Facebook, the app itself is designed well, and marks an interesting new way for users to interact with their devices and with apps. And, it sounds like Android design guru Matias Duarte agrees with us.

The direct quote comes from Matias speaking to ABC News:
Most interestingly about the comments from Matias is that while he praised Facebook, he also took a bit of a swipe at manufacturer UIs as well when he added the tag that the design "didn't come from a hardware manufacturer." That sounds like a jab at hardware manufacturers straying out of their lane to try making software changes to Android. 

Matias went on to echo the comments of Eric Schmidt, saying that Facebook Home doesn't bother him, because it is leveraging the customization options inherent in Android

source: ABC News via The Verge


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