Google will soon allow more customizatoin with Android Wear, TV, and Auto says exec

Google will soon allow more customizatoin with Android Wear, TV, and Auto says exec
One of the more interesting aspects of the new Android markets and extensions - Wear, TV, and Auto - has been Google taking more control over the platform. Android TV and Auto aren't quite out on the market, but the plan is for the launch of both to mimic that of Android Wear - variations on hardware with a consistency to the software. But, that may not be the way it is forever.

Google's vice president of engineering Hiroshi Lockheimer spoke with Re/code recently and insisted that Google's current control over the software is not a permanent solution. It seems that Google learned a lot from the early days of Android on phones and tablets, because the plan according to Lockheimer is simply for Google to make sure it has the base product well-defined and polished before opening it up to more customization from manufacturers. It seems that Google is "trying to find the right balance of differentiation and customization." 

The idea makes sense. Google has been working hard on updates to Wear, and customization would slow down that process. Interestingly, Lockheimer says that the first glimpses of OEM customization for Android Wear is coming much sooner than you might expect. He says that the Asus ZenWatch will show the "first glimpses" of how software customization on Android Wear will work. The Asus ZenWatch is expected to be released in limited numbers in Taiwan next month. 

source: Re/code


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