Google will "double down" on Android tablets in 2012

Google will "double down" on Android tablets in 2012
Google will not only continue pushing Android tablets, but it will “double down” on its efforts in 2012, head of Android Andy Rubin said in a meeting with reporters at MWC.

While sales of Android phones are booming, tablets are gettiing a lackluster reception from useres. Android tablet sales stood at 12 million in total so far, paling in comparison to 15 million iPads sold in Q4 2011 alone. 

Sales were "not insignificant, but less than I'd expect it to be if you really want to win,” Rubin agreed.

The other part of Android tablets that needed improvement was tablet-optimized apps, or rather the lack of them. Developers have been hesitant to bring tablet-scaled applications to Android mostly because in tablets the platform is not getting traction. It’s a vicious circle - getting traction is also dependant on the apps, but Rubin pointed out the benefits of coding for Android.

"Android' is unique in that it's a single platform that spans device types. Fundamentally you shouldn't have to have a third-party developer build his app twice,"  Rubin said for TheVerge.

But ultimately, it’s up to the developer.

"We're now starting to get on the radar, and I'm hoping people decide to put in the muscle and make their apps work great on tablets," Rubin concluded.

source: TheVerge


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