Google will deliver the contact-tracking system it built with Apple via updates by Google Play

Google will deliver the contact-tracking system it built with Apple via updates by Google Play
We recently reported about the partnership between Google and Apple to develop a contact-tracking system to fight the spread of the coronavirus. Now, The Verge reports about a new announcement, made by Google, in regards to the system.

Google stated that the contact-tracking system will be delivered to users via Google Play’s service for updates. Smartphones with Android versions 6.0 Marshmallow and above will be updated with the new tool. The update system will be implemented for both phases of the framework, the first one coming next month.

The second stage of the contract-tracking system will make the tool built into the OS, and this will reportedly come in the next few months.

However, there is a big number of devices that will not be able to receive it from Google Play services - Android phones in China for example, or Huawei smartphones that cannot have Google services due to the trade ban imposed on the company from the American government.

Google has thought about those devices as well - reportedly, it will publish a framework for the device manufactures or the Chinese government in order for them to replicate the tracking system, developed by Google and Apple’s joint forces. There is no information on whether the system will be open source, however, the company stated that it will offer code audits to companies wishing to develop something similar.


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