Google updates terms of service to make them easier to understand

Google updates terms of service to make them easier to understand
Google has brought a new update to their terms of service on Thursday, sending an email to users summarizing what changes have been made to the policy. Apparently, the language has been modified, not specifically the content itself - Google is stating the terms will be slightly improved now and easier for people to understand.

While Google’s terms remain a legal document, it will be more simply written now, with links and definitions complementing information when needed. Google is also stating that information about how they respond to requests for data has also been added to the document, as well as coverage of Google Chrome, Google Chrome OS and Google Drive.

According to ABC News, this is Google’s largest update to the general use contract since 2012, and it’s been published as a response to European court orders. Recently, there’s been some tension between the European Parliament and some of America's tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Amazon - regulators and consumers have been examining how much data those companies have access to and how they are using it.

Google states that no significant changes have been made to the terms, the main point of the update being to simplify the structure and language, as well as to provide examples in order to make the policies easier to understand. The changes will take effect on March 31, 2020, and users will be given until then to review and accept the new terms.


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