Google to 86 Reader starting in July

Google to 86 Reader starting in July
All of the journalists, news junkies, students and others who still use Google Reader will be unhappy to learn that the service is being shut down starting July 1st, 2013. While Google does admit that Google Reader still has a "loyal following," the Mountain View gang says usage has declined. Google suggests that users export their data, including the subscriptions they have with media content providers, to Google Takeout, but there might be another solution. News aggregation app Feedly is working on cloning the Google Reader API and other apps that used the Google Reader feed, like Reedy and Press, are looking for a way to keep going.

Also getting axed is the Google Voice app for BlackBerry. Google recommends that users switch to the HTML5 app which Google says is more secure and easier for them to update. Those running a 'Berry powered by BlackBerry OS 6 or higher, can use it. Another Google service getting sunset is Google Building Maker which will close on June 1st. This is used to help people make 3D buildings for Google Maps and Google Earth. By cutting some services, Google says it can focus its energy into fewer products.

Obviously, Google Reader will be missed the most, and even though Google likens this to an annual spring cleaning, it still affects those who feel comfortable using it. Below you will find a video of Feedly, which is one of the solutions for those that those who will miss Google Reader the most.

source: Google, Feedly, TheVerge via Engadget

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