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Google starts rolling out Shared Albums for Photos

Google starts rolling out Shared Albums for Photos
Along with the new Nexus devices and the recently released Google Play Music family plans, Google had another announcement a couple months back for shared albums in Google Photos. The announcement is official, and the shared album feature is beginning to roll out, though it is doing so in a strange way.

The idea here is pretty simple: many events in your life are going to be social, and you probably won't be the only person taking photos or video at that event. So, Google Photos will allow you to have a shared album and allow other people to add photos and video to the album. If you are one of the people on a shared album, you'll also get notified when new images or videos are added to the album. 

Oddly, it looks like some features you might expect are missing though. First of all, you can’t caption, comment on, or like items in a shared album; it is strictly look and download only. Additionally, all photos are automatically ordered chronologically, so it can be confusing to see what new images have been added. Lastly, word has it that the Auto Awesome feature to add a smile to someone who isn't smiling is only available on iOS right now, and not Android. 

We're pretty confident that Google will sort out these issues, but it's always hard to guess how quickly Google will add features, so we'll have to stay on the lookout. 

Google says the update will start rolling out to Android, iOS, and the web today, but if it is a normal rollout it may take a few days to hit your device. 

source: Google Blog
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