Google releases four new ads for Android 5.0

Google releases four new ads for Android 5.0
With Android 5.0 arguably the most important release of Android ever, Google has been taking to prime time television to run a series of ads for its open source OS. Four new spots have been released. The first spot is called Android: Garage Band, and shows a band playing a number while being recorded. A little bit of Pete Townsend lives inside one of the band members, who knocks over a camera by mistake. The ad's tag line? "awesome cams for awesome jams."

Next comes Android: Slightly Longer Road Trip. This ad features an RV packed with some odd beings. The van stops to pay a toll, and let's just say that there is now an opening for a toll collector somewhere in Oddsville The next video focuses on smartwatches. Called Android: Break Room, this spot shows the folly of looking at your smartwatch while having a beverage in the same hand. Note that two of the characters are wearing a square faced smartwatch like the LG G Watch, while another is wearing the LG G Watch R or the Motorola Moto 360.

The last spot is called Android: Scary Movie. On an airplane, three people are watching a movie by looking over the shoulder of a tablet user. They are all watching what is apparently a horror movie, since they all jump in fright at the same time. The tag line reads, "bigger screens for bigger screams."

Do these spots make you want to buy an Android powered device? Checkout all four ads by viewing the video slideshow below.

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