Google released Android SDK 0.9

Google released Android SDK 0.9
The HTC Dream, the first phone to run on Google’s Android system, was approved by the FCC and now, Google released a new SDK with version 0.9. The new version of the mobile OS adds support for widgets and multi-homescreen, through which one must flick (similar to changing app pages on the iPhone), tab with shortcuts to apps, media player, camera. Also, there are lots of changes in the design of the interface, which we guess will look pretty similar in the final version.

Check out the gallery for more pictures.

source: Google via EngadgetMobile



1. garGAURAV unregistered

looking for original pics of htc dream....phonearena plz post'em soon...

4. Pavan kumar Giduthuri unregistered

Gaurav, Even I am eager to see the device. Since I am traveling a lot, I culd'nt do that. Instead I have downloaded the EMULATOR and saw the working screens my self. The Emulator design itself is awesome. From the emulator, I can connect to internet and see the StreetView features and other.. NJoy dude, there is a way for making things possible..

2. RyanKing unregistered

Looks pretty cool and pretty solid. A easy learning curve? Cant wait to see in in the Dream, or Android running device.

3. CingularRox unregistered

Eh.....the UI looks kinda "Blah" its lacking a refined looked. I'll be keeping my eyes out for a more finished version of Android platform.

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