Google prepping its own digital newsstand for Android to rival Apple

Google prepping its own digital newsstand for Android to rival Apple
Apple's deals with newspaper and magazine publishers for the iPad are increasingly facing difficulties, due to the fact that publishers want more information about users, and Apple wants to keep it for themselves. Google plans to step in and fill the void in the embattled publishing companies' souls with a more generous revenue split than Cupertino's 70/30, and more access to subscribers' profiles, thanks to the vast database of data it piles up from people using the search giant's services.

This personal data will, of course, be used for better content targeting, and Apple is reportedly also looking at adding the option for users who agree for their info to be used in such a way. Publishing houses are not very fond of the voluntary idea, so Google's digital newsstand for Android might hold more water with them. Time Warner, Conde Nast and Hearst are the rumored media outlets for now, but Google is neither confirming, nor denying this next step in its plot to rule the digital world through Android.

source: WSJ



1. Janet unregistered

Ahh, sounds good to someone, at least which would be great for publisher's if a screen size standard emerges for Android tablets. So far it seems 7" tablets are the norm on Android which would be fine for "replica" editions but doesn't lend itself well to interactive Wired style magazines. Actually I think competition is good! And many people might think Apple is arrogant, but have to admit it have great products and even better customer service. What's more I do not care about the "personality" of a corporation, I simply use its products if they are good. I think many folks may do same as me. So I will stick with Apple iPad, and maybe guys need to understand iPad more: Return to the topic, overall, I bet some people will use this.

2. LionStone

Posts: 1048; Member since: Dec 10, 2010

And actually I believe that many people feel Apple products are over-hyped and lend towards an ibuy mentality. Thankfully, the market for tablets is heating up and soon we'll have real viable units that are built with technology to last more than 6 months without another whole version to replace it. Yea, 7" tablets are where it's at...we already have netbooks that are more portable than the comes with a keyboard and holds itself up.

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