Google partnering with LG for the next Nexus phone

Google partnering with LG for the next Nexus phone
LG received a big boost for its mobile business by becoming the manufacturer of the fourth Nexus phone last year, the Nexus 4. Of course, that shouldn't be attributed to pure luck or something like that. There was a certain period last year when LG managed to outperform its competitors in the Android industry by introducing some pretty amazing tech, which debuted in the Optimus G and Nexus 4. And while the marketing of the Nexus 4 was a complete disaster, same as that of most previous Nexus handsets, it looks like Google has decided to partner with LG once again.

The Korea Times has released a new report claiming that both companies are currently working on the next Nexus handset (Nexus 5?), and judging by the timing, we guess that the development is already in the late stages. What's interesting is where Motorola and the so-called X Phone fit in all this. Will the Motorola X Phone and the LG Nexus 5 be form two separate product lines?

Unfortunately, we may not get an answer to these extremely interesting question at this year's Google I/O, as recent reports claimed that Google plans to unveil just one device there, and that's expected to be a revamped Nexus 7. Nevertheless, we're still going to cover Google I/O (kicking off on May 15) in detail and bring you all the news from the conference.

source: TheKoreaTimes via AndroidBeat

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