Google may provide free or reduced-rate international roaming with its wireless service

Google may provide free or reduced-rate international roaming with its wireless service
While Google has sewn up its MVNO arrangements with T-Mobile and Sprint, and we wait to see what will be in store for prospective customers, it looks as though Google wants to ensure its customers have the ability to roam internationally.

The Telegraph reports that Google has an idea to create a global MVNO, with a flat customer rate anywhere in the world. Google is reportedly discussing service agreements with Hutchison Whampoa, the Hong Kong-based conglomerate that owns the “3” brand in the UK and Europe, as well as significant telecommunication holdings in Asia.

In the United States, the focus for Google will be to have its customers use Wi-Fi networks wherever possible, while the Sprint and T-Mobile networks pick up the slack where that is not possible. Hutchison Whampoa is also looking to reduce or remove roaming charges for its own customers, making a partnership with Google attractive.

Sources are pointing out that an agreement between Google and Hutchison Whampoa is not likely to lead to Google offering a similar MVNO service in the UK or elsewhere in Europe as is pending in the United States.

sources: The Telegraph via SlashGear



1. Kelley71

Posts: 105; Member since: Nov 26, 2012

I like Google, and would consider this if my Nexus 5 were supported, but they seriously need to do some work and create significant improvements on the quality of WiFi calling before this will be a reliable, viable service.

2. Elfmonster unregistered

I use Wi-Fi and VoIP calling on Sprint service now, and it's clearer than 4g calling was on AT&T before I dumped that crappy service. However, every now and then, some update screws up VoIP until a future update. Sadly, Skype calling for $3 a month, used to beat *everybody's* phone service, but ever since about two months ago, some update has made Skype VoIP completely wretched. I've come to the conclusion that phone companies and OS companies and apps are radically unstable. For instance, I was a huge Samsung and Android fan, but Lollipop blowwwwws on all my Android devices, and Samsung just did something that screwed up my SD cards on all my devices. None of this is bad enough to turn to Apple. That will never happen. Apple treats customers like garbage and can eat it. And MS and Apple won't even let you *design your own home screen*, idiots. But I wish any one company would stop itself from getting worse. It's aggravating as $&#¥.

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