Google may have a difficult time exposing the Nexus One over in China

Google may have a difficult time exposing the Nexus One over in China
Recent events involving Google’s plan to stop censoring search-engine results in China may prove to have a long-lasting impact on the potential future sales they might get with the Nexus One. At its worse, the search giant can shut down its web site locally which in turn will prevent them from selling their new mobile phone in the world’s largest market. In light of the situation that’s culminating, Google is overlooking phone sales in favor of free speech – which ultimately would strengthen their overall brand identity across the world. If they plan on shutting down the Chinese site of Google, it will clearly hinder them from exposing the handset and kill its potential distribution channel. China plays a key role in the global landscape of mobile phones – it’s home to 738 million mobile phone subscribers versus the 276.6 million in the US. With those figures, it tremendously will impact sales from every angle it’s analyzed.

Motorola and Apple, who already have an established relationship in China, may plan on capitalizing if Google goes through with their decision to cut ties with the country. Already surpassing the 100,000 mark in iPhone sales in the country, the loss of Google wouldn’t pose to make much of a difference says Andy Hargreaves; who is an analyst at Pacific Crest Securities Inc. Motorola has gone on to say that “they will continue to work with its partners to provide all the needed support, toolkits and distribution opportunities necessary to ensure that they can profitably bring Android applications to market in China.” Although Google would seemingly miss out on sales opportunities if they pull out of China, the world’s perception of the company will increase – thus increasing customer loyalty.

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source: BusinessWeek



1. Destroyer_Droid

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If they decide in favor of free speech and don't censor the search engine it will indeed be commendable. This is the kind of thinking that has gotten Google to where it is. Hopefully they stay on with this decision.

2. dandirk unregistered

The whole google/china thing is really interesting recently. Don't be fooled, google sold out on free speech in china. Though you gotta give credit where credit is due, when things got real goofy.... What spurred google to possibly pull out from china is the fact that MANY rights activists in China had their google accounts hacked (or attempted hack) recently. Google has stated though they can't be sure, that the attackers were coming from inside China, and could quite possibly be the Government themselves. Other companies were hit, Adobe is the only other one to go public. "Google disclosed in a blog post that it had detected a "highly sophisticated and targeted attack on our corporate infrastructure originating from China." Further investigation revealed that "a primary goal of the attackers was accessing the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists," Google said in the post written by Chief Legal Officer David Drummond."

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