Google is rolling out the November Android Security Patch to Pixel and Nexus devices

Google is rolling out the November Android Security Patch to Pixel and Nexus devices
The new Google Pixel and Pixel XL, as well as a subset of Google's previous Nexus smartphones, have been updated to the Android Security Patch for the month of November.

The new update brings the Pixels to build number NDE63X. Verizon's changelog makes no mention of it, but Google has revealed that this update indeed contains the Android Security Update for the month of November. Now that the November security patch has started reaching devices such as the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge, it was about time for Google's own phones to get the latest security fixes.

Google has also announced the patches that the November security update brings to the table. 21 vulnerabilities, including two critical ones and 11 high severity ones have been addressed through this new update. For a full list of the vulnerabilities complete with their description, head on over the Android Security Bulletin via the source link below.

The update also gets the Pixel and Pixel XL ready for the upcoming launch of the Google Daydream View, which is set for. Nov 10 release date.

Verizon previously announced that its versions of the Google Pixel will receive updates at the same time as Google's. For the first update, it looks like the update process is going according to plan. The new Google Pixels, as well as older Nexus smartphones such as the Nexus 6P, the Nexus 5X, or the Nexus 6, have all received factory images based on the new security patch.



1. Unordinary unregistered

Should be called the November Google Phone Only Patch instead of Android.

2. Macready

Posts: 1824; Member since: Dec 08, 2014

Uh. My S7 already had the November patch, which rolled out after the A5 received it.

5. Unordinary unregistered

Good, add it to the patch title then. Either way, Androids boastful "80% market share" is left in the dark.

7. Macready

Posts: 1824; Member since: Dec 08, 2014

It's 88%. ;-)

3. meanestgenius

Posts: 22249; Member since: May 28, 2014

BlackBerry PRIV devices on the beta program received the November patch 3 days ago: And all other BlackBerry PRIV devices, as well as BlackBerry DTEK50 and DTEK60 devices received the November patch today: Sorry to burst your bubble. Then again, not really. ;D

4. meanestgenius

Posts: 22249; Member since: May 28, 2014

The BlackBerry Android device November security patch is also available on the BlackBerry Autoloader Support page for BlackBerry Android devices:

6. Crispin_Gatieza

Posts: 3150; Member since: Jan 23, 2014

Android patch is fine. The BlackBerry Priv, DTEK50 and DTEK60 are getting their November love too. It must really suck to be a BlackBerry hater and see their devices getting front-row status with Google Pixels while others have to wait their turn.

8. cripton805

Posts: 1485; Member since: Mar 18, 2012

I just want them to fix the cameras on my Nexus 6. I love that phone.

9. Geofftron

Posts: 2; Member since: Jul 04, 2015

My Nexus 5X never got the Oct security patch??? I waited weeks for the 7.0 update & gave up & enrolled in the beta program then removed my phone from the beta program after installed.

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