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  • Google gives certain developers a free Nexus One or DROID

Google gives certain developers a free Nexus One or DROID

Posted: , by Alan F.

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Google gives certain developers a free Nexus One or DROID
Certain developers will be receiving a free Nexus One or a free Motorola DROID thanks to Google. If you're a developer whose application has at least a 3.5 star rating and 5,000 unique downloads, you are eligible to win a free phone. Will you get the N-One or the DROID? Well, you can't choose. Google will send one of the two out, depending on the country of your origin. if you received the e-mail informing you of the prize, it is not phish. It is a legitimate letter in which Google explains the reason for giving away the phones.

An official Google spokesman said, "A thriving developer community is an important part of creating a better mobile experience for users around the world.. We hope that offering devices to developers will make it easier for them to create and test great applications. This is inline with other efforts to support developers which also includes our Android Developer Labs World Tour and our upcoming participation in the Game Developers Conference."

If you want to read a copy of what Google sent out to those developers who will get a free phone, check out the source link.

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HTC Nexus One Specifications | Review

source: Google via AndroidandMe

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:45

1. jogutier (Posts: 324; Member since: 12 Feb 2010)

Well done Google on complamenting all the great developers in the Android Market. What a awsome reward!

posted on 03 Mar 2010, 09:12

2. scottmbolt (unregistered)

Just another reason why Google/Android kicks the SH!T out of Apple!

posted on 03 Mar 2010, 11:04

3. numberonenygfan (Posts: 211; Member since: 19 Oct 2009)

see ... this is incredible to me.. google is a company of NOW. they know what the people want and reward for develpers that help their brand succeed in one of the most competitive markets on the planet. I dont think I will ever own an I phone because apple only cares about the $$$$$$$$$ it seems as though google cares first about the phones and how the consumers use and like the devices, then the profit, because they know if the customer loves what they have in their hand, then they are going to spread the word and the $$$$ will be there... their prioritys seem to be in order and that is first and foremost listening to what consumers want and creating the best possible solution right then and there... google = happy!

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