Google dresses up Android Pay for Halloween

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With October 31st rapidly approaching, there might be plenty of undecideds remaining. No, we're not talking about those who haven't figured out who they want to support in the U.S. presidential election. We are talking about people who don't know who or what they are going to be for Halloween. We recently happened to come across a picture of someone going to a Halloween party dressed as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7! The only problem with that costume is the positioning of the S Pen.

Speaking about ghosts and witches and other scary things related to the Halloween holiday, Google has added some spooky animation to Android Pay. You'll see one of these on the payment screen above the digital image of your credit card. Even though this is just a small, minor thing, it is an example of how Google is always working hard to endear itself to consumers.

You can check out a brief clip showing the payment screen animation by clicking on the video at the top of the story. Try not to get too spooked or else you might drop your phone. Now THAT is a thought that is frightening.

source: TobiasFranz via AndroidAuthority

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