Google is offering a discounted bundle with Chromecast + Stadia Controller

Google is offering a discounted "Play and Watch" bundle
Last month, Google launched the Android TV version of its own cloud gaming service, Cloud Stadia (which is the plural of stadium, in case you didn't know), while the mobile game version has been live for over a year.

In order make the new cloud service even more appealing—which comes with a great bundle of games, by the way—for new customers, Google has decided to bundle the Stadia Controller together with Chromecast, making the purchase of the whole package $19 cheaper than if you were to buy the two products separately. 

It may not be such a jaw-dropping deal, but it's certainly better than nothing, seeing as the original $17.25 discount that was being offered on a purchase of the items together expired on July 30 (as reported by 9to5Google).

The slightly older Chromecast Ultra (which is already discontinued as a stand-alone product) is also temporarily being sold in an even cheaper bundle, together with the Stadia Controller, coming in at $69. 

The Chromecast controller, which creates a direct link between your TV and phone/tablet, can be bought in three different colors: "Snow," "Sky," and "Sunrise." Purchased on its own, the Chromecast can be had for $49.99, while the Stadia Controller comes in at $69. Together, they combine into a $99 "Play and Watch with Google TV" package, which has been available since July 30.

The Stadia controller, on the other hand—fully meant for gaming and resembling a traditional video game controller compatible with a variety of platforms—comes in the shades of "Clearly White," "Just Black," and "Wasabi." 
While it already runs on Wi-Fi and has minimal latency for gaming, the Google Store also sells an Ethernet Adapter (originally created as a Chromecast accessory) for a wired and maximally stable connection. As a matter of fact, you can even buy a “Play and Watch with Google TV Package Plus Ethernet Adapter” bundle from the Google Store for $109.98.

The Stadia Controller only supports wireless gaming when paired with the Chromecast Ultra, however; a USB-C cable is necessary for pairing the remote with other platforms such as TVs, laptops, desktops, or the Pixel 3 or later.
Together, the Chromecast and Stadia Controller combine into the perfect leisure and entertainment package for you to both play your favorite games and relax with the best movies and shows on offer, all from the same couch and TV.
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