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Google announces new APIs for improved user location tracking


The Google I/O conference has just kicked off, and one of the first announcements made at the event was that of three new APIs - three great tools to help developers make better apps. In particular, the APIs aid in determining the location of the user in a number of clever ways.

The first of these tools is a location provider that takes advantage of all of the device's sensors. The result is a more precise location obtained in a shorter time. At the same time, the software has been optimized to suck as little battery as possible - down to less than 1% per hour of usage.

The second API is called Geofencing and lets developers implement "borders" within their software. Actions then can be triggered within the software whenever the user physically crosses one of these borders.

Last but not least we have an API for activity recognition. Simply put, the software is capable of determining whether the user is walking, driving, or riding a bike.

The Google I/O conference is being broadcast as we speak, so don't hesitate to tune in and keep an eye on the show!
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