Google announces TrueView mobile ads in YouTube, iOS coming soon

Google announces TrueView mobile ads in YouTube, iOS coming soon
We've commented a couple of times about YouTube and how it is being banished from the stock iOS experience. We've talked about it from Apple's perspective, and the user's perspective, but now Google's perspective is becoming clear. It's not really a new perspective though, it's the same one we always expect from Google: ads. 

Google has just announced a new way to do mobile ads in YouTube, called TrueView ads. The aim is to get better targeted ads, and therefore more profitable ads, by giving users the ability to skip ads after 5 seconds. This not only allows Google to learn better what ads you want to see (assuming you're signed in), but it allows ads to find a more engaged audience (if it isn't skipped). 

The ads will be running on Android devices, and the mobile YouTube website right away, and we can safely assume that they will be a part of the iOS YouTube app that is released into the iTunes App Store after iOS 6 is launched in the next month. Overall, it's looking like a win for Apple for getting Google out of iOS, a win for users in getting a more up-to-date iOS YouTube app, and a win for Google with better advertising. That's a win-win-win - a pretty rare feat. 

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