Google Pixel and Pixel XL: all the new features


If the #madebygoogle tag and site with the same name haven't given you a hint already, Google is steering its ship towards the stormy waters of being a vertically integrated software company that does hardware as a platform for its services, especially the new Google Assistant virtual butler that is supposed to usher us in the era of artificial intelligence from the comfort of our homes and phones. 

The above image isn't a living proof for that notion, as Google now offers the Homeair freshener contraption, aka talking Assistant, the Chromecast Ultra streamer, and, yes, two new phones so you can take the virtual butler with you on the road as well. These phones, the Pixel and its larger Pixel XL sibling, are nothing like the Nexus line that Google used before to show off its hardware prowess.

First off, they are now way more expensive than anything Google has done so far when it comes to handsets, starting off at $649 for the 32 GB Pixel model. The company is thus trying to position itself as a high-end phone maker in the ranks of Apple and Samsung, which are the only ones that can charge such sums with impunity, getting away with $600+ prices and still selling million of units. To justify the new pricing scheme of the #madebygoogle phones, the search giant equipped the Pixel and Pixel XL with plenty of exclusive features. Here's the scoop:

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