Google Now on Tap adds new languages, related articles, and tracking for flights and packages

Google Now on Tap adds new languages, related articles, and tracking for flights and packages
Google Now is getting a good amount of love and attention this holiday season from Google. We've already seen an update to add a new way to take a screenshot on your device using Google Now, and today Google is adding a bunch more features, including new languages, related articles, and tracking for flights and packages.

This means if Google Now on Tap finds a flight number on your display, it will bring up the usual status info for that flight, including potential delays. Bringing up Now on Tap when you have package tracking info on screen will also bring up the relevant info there. Of course, both of these things already have relatively easy ways to access that info, so those additions are nice, but not necessarily game-changing. 

A better update is the addition of related stories when reading news. You may already be familiar with this if you've done a Google search for a news story, then seen related story info in regular Google Now. Of course, this makes that whole process faster and easier by allowing you to trigger Now on Tap while reading a story to get those new links. 

Lastly, Now on Tap is available for users who want it in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian or Korean. 

Google said these features will be rolling out over the next few days, and as always, you will need Android 6.0 to take advantage of Now on Tap.



1. Unordinary unregistered

Now on Tap is amazing and totally innovative. Blows Siris "informative" and practical use out of the water.

2. Napalm_3nema

Posts: 2236; Member since: Jun 14, 2013

It's not without compromise. To do what it does, it means that all of the data used to make those intuitive leaps is on Google's servers, and by extension, in the hands of any agency that shows up with a letter demanding it. In other words, you are trading any semblance of privacy for that ability. That works for some, but not for others. Interestingly, PA hasn't yet published anything about John Chen coming out and saying that Blackberry can and will turn over the contents of your phone so long as the request is "legal." For the record, EVERYTHING the NSA did was legal, although it was fundamentally unconstitutional.

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