Google Now can get you snow reports when you go skiing in supported resorts

A week ago, Google updated its contextually-aware virtual assistant slash know-it-all called Google Now with some 40 new 'cards', many of which made to specifically work with popular third-party apps. As it turns out, however, the update goes further still.

So what did we miss? Well, Google has apparently also added snow reports for support skiing resorts, as seen from a screen grab a reader of Android Police sent in. The card includes details such as the type of snow (e.g. powder), its depth, open trails and lifts, and weather. As is typical of Google Now, new functionality is rarely available for all Android devices irrespective of region, so for the time being, we can only confirm that it works in the US. The richness of the database is also unclear, though popular destinations such as Winter Park Resort make an appearance. 

Skiing obviously isn't everybody's cup of tea, so this type of functionality may come across as awfully particular, but it does, at the same time, demonstrate the continuous growth of Google Now's scope. We recently pitted the assistant against its competitors from Apple and Microsoft (Siri and Cortana) and found it to be the most robust of all three

source: Android Police
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