Update to Google Now brings new cards from 40 apps

Update to Google Now brings new cards from 40 apps
Google Now is getting ready to show you lots of new cards. The application, which gives you information you need when you need it, will soon have new cards from 40 apps including Pandora, Walgreens, Duolingo, The Guardian and Waze to name a few. A Google Now card can pop up and give you recommendations about which tunes to listen to on Pandora. Or, a card from Waze could alert you to a traffic issue on your regular route.

The new cards will be appearing on the Android version of Google Now. It isn't known yet which of them, if any, will be found on the iOS version of the app. Google has teamed up with more than 30 developers to create the new cards, which will appear over the next few weeks following the update to the app.

Some of the more useful new cards just might be the ones that will pop up to eBay users to remind them when an auction is about to end. Airbnb users will see cards showing rentals in regions where they have been looking, and cards from Walgreens will give you your Balance Rewards points.

The updated Google app should be available at the Google Play Store. Those who already have it installed should look for the update under "My apps."

source: Google via PCMag
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