Google Nexus tablet rumors begin; 7-inch slate priced at $199?

Google Nexus tablet rumors begin; 7-inch slate priced at $199?
Just a couple of weeks ago, Eric Schmidt hinted that a Google tablet, presumably one bearing the Nexus brand, is already in the works. Additionally, he clarified that the device could debut in no more than six months' time, which points at a possible announcement at the upcoming Google I/O conference. 

Unfortunately, no further details about the tablet were revealed, which is why the rumor mill is already working at full speed. A recent report from DigiTimes suggests that the Google Nexus tablet will be a 7-inch device priced at about $199, thus becoming a competitor to the Amazon Kindle Fire. The information is said to be provided by “sources from Google's upstream supply chain”, whatever these sources happen to be supplying. Interestingly, the guys at Google Taiwan were unaware of any plans regarding a Nexus-branded tablet, or so they claim, according to the report.

However, the above speculation is looking a bit shaky, mainly because it is in conflict with what Eric Schmidt mentioned, namely that the Google Nexus tablet will be of “highest quality”. And a 7-inch tablet with a $199 price tag does not sound quite high-end to us. Furthermore, a Nexus-branded tablet is supposed to serve as a reference device – a yardstick that other manufacturers will be comparing their Android offerings against. A Kindle Fire competitor is quite unlikely to boast such quality. 

That being said, it is best to take DigiTimes' report with a great dose of disbelief, especially since quite a few of the rumors that it provides turn out to be untrue eventually. On the other hand, do you fancy the idea of a competitively-priced, 7-inch tablet that can deliver the richest Ice Cream Sandwich experience possible? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

source: DigiTimes

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