Google Nexus tablet rumored to come with a front-facing camera, $199 price tag

Google Nexus tablet rumored to come with a front-facing camera, $199 price tag
With all that hype surrounding the newly announced Microsoft Surface tablet, we almost forgot that Google is expected to unveil a slate of its own later this month. The Google Nexus tablet, or whatever the device ends up being called, will be a fairly affordable 7-inch device, and Asus will be the company manufacturing it, as long as the rumors are on the right track.

Our favorite hit-or-miss source DigiTimes is filling in some of the blanks for us today, quoting sources related to "upstream component makers". So according to those sources, the Google Nexus tablet will come in Wi-Fi-only flavor, and nothing is being mentioned about a potential 3G model. Also, the device will supposedly come with a front-facing cam, yet a more potent camera will not be present on the back in order to keep the tablet's price down. The Google Chrome browser will probably come pre-installed on the device.

In addition, the sources claim that the first batch of Google Nexus tablets has been shipped this month and the device should be available for purchase in July. The total number of units shipped will likely surpass the 3 million mark by the end of the year.

Interestingly, while the Google Nexus tablet is expected to retail for $199, Asus is said to be working on a 7-inch offering of its own. It will allegedly be priced at anything between $159 and $179 and will be launched in August. This, however, is but a rumor, just like all of the above information, so better treat it as one – with a grain of salt.

source: DigiTimes

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