Google Nexus 6P uses the latest Samsung AMOLED display

Google Nexus 6P uses the latest Samsung AMOLED display
A Reddit AMA from today has already brought us some cool news on the new Nexus devices, including why they don't have wireless charging and what the X and P in the names mean. Now, Google has also given some interesting info on the Nexus 6P display, which is apparently the latest Samsung AMOLED panel.

According to Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google not only used the latest generation WQHD AMOLED panels from Samsung for the Nexus 6P, but the team spent quite a bit of time tweaking things to make sure the displays are as accurate as possible. Lockheimer said:

As we also learned as part of the AMA, the P in Nexus 6P stands for "premium" and this definitely backs up that meaning. Now, we just have to count down the days until the 6P starts shipping to customers. 

source: Reddit


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