Google Nexus 5 review Q&A: post your questions here

Nexus 5 Q&A
Well, that didn't take long. It has been only a couple of hours since we posted our Google Nexus 5 review, and the comment section below it has already exploded. And we aren't surprised, to be perfectly honest with you. After all, the launch of the Google Nexus 5 was a highly anticipated event, observed by Android geeks and regular Joes alike. And now that the handset is ready for prime time, the crowd is curious to know if the handset delivers the goods. (Hint: it does.)

But as extensive as our review may be, there still might be a detail or two that we've accidentally missed. That's why we thought it would be wise to have a Q&A session with our readers. You, guys, are free to ask us anything related to the Google Nexus 5 – anything that we haven't shed light on in our Google Nexus 5 review. Within several days, we'll provide you with the answers in a new post. That said, the comments section below is now ready for your queries so send them in! 

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