Google Nexus 4 owners are getting buzzed...from the earpiece, that is

Google Nexus 4 owners are getting buzzed...from the earpiece, that is
There is a strange sound coming from some Google Nexus 4 handsets. It has been described as a "faint buzz" or a click coming from the phone's earpiece or camera area. Some are complaining about hearing distorted calls, especially at high volume. While owners of the phone would love the problem to be software related, which could be fixed with a simple update, those who have heard the noise suggest that it is a shielding problem related to the electronics inside the device. If true, affected units would have to be recalled.

One good thing about the noise is that it is not loud and requires a person to be at close range to the Google Nexus 4 to hear it. Outside of being annoying, the worst damage happening to the phone would be a battery drain if the buzzing or clicking has to do with a hardware issue that prevents the earpiece from shutting down between calls.

The issue has been"starred" 69 times in Google's database and enough of a (God help us) buzz has been created to get Google interested in checking out the problem. With some Google Nexus 4 owners just receiving their handsets, we're not sure how widespread the situation is. If you own the device and have the buzzing or clicking noise, drop us a comment in the box below. And also, let us know if you plan on living with the noise or if you're gonna contact Ghostbusters Google about getting a new handset.

source: Phandroid

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