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Google Maps Street View lands in iOS web app

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Google Maps Street View lands in iOS web app
Apple Maps has turned out to be a pretty big disappointment for iOS 6 users, and now that Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook itself has apologized and basically recommended using another app for the time being, Google is rolling out Street View for its web version of Google Maps.

To be perfectly clear, there is still no Google Maps native third-party app for iOS users (sadly), but you can head to Google Maps on your browser and from there, you’d now see a person icon that when you tap on takes you directly to street view on both the iPhone and the iPad.

Google is definitely timing this update right amidst the growing dissatisfaction with Apple Maps. Using its web app is pretty straightforward and simply, but still it lacks the polish and smoothness of a native application. We don’t yet know when or whether a Google Maps native app is coming, so for the time being you’d have to stick with the web version.

source: Google Maps via iPhone in Canada


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