Google Maps Driving Mode begins rolling out globally

Google Maps Driving Mode begins rolling out globally
Google Maps Driving Mode is a feature apparently designed for the manliest of men who refuse to ask for directions and insist that all they need to find their way is a map. Sure, you can ask for directions if you want to admit your weakness, but otherwise you can just turn on Driving Mode and Google Maps will give you the isometric view of where you are with certain info layered on.

When using Driving Mode, Maps will suggest destinations based on your travel history, show you traffic on nearby streets, and warn you about any road closures in the area. Overall, it's kind of like having a not-so-intrusive co-pilot while you're out for a drive, just in case your podcasts or music don't help you feel less lonely. 

Driving Mode is not exactly a new feature, though it will be new for some. The feature first showed up at the beginning of the year in some select regions like the US, Canada, and select European markets, although suggested destinations weren't available to all at first. Now, Driving Mode is reportedly expanding to more regions including India, Lebanon, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Argentina, Indonesia, the UK, Pakistan, Brazil and more. So, it seems safe to say the feature is getting its proper global rollout. 

You can access Driving Mode in the hamburger menu as the "Start Driving" option, or you can set a shortcut on your homescreen to bounce right into it. 

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