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Google Goggles app gets updated to announce its death

If you're an Android old-timer that remembers when dinosaurs ruled the Earth (and by dinosaurs we mean the Motorola DROID and the Nexus One), when you opened what was called back then the Android Market, you would inevitably have your attention drawn to an app called Google Goggles. Maybe it was the alliteration that caught the eye. The app was launched in December 2009, and Google has now updated it for the first time since 2014 just to announce its death.

Google Goggles was developed to identify objects that users snapped with their camera. It also read QR and bar codes, and some labels. A version for iOS was available from October 2010 through May 2014.

The new update to Google Googles explains that to find out about the objects around you, Google Lens is now available on certain Android phones. Google Lens identifies famous landmarks, animals and plants. You can use it to add events to your calendar, translate words, send email to an address on a business card, and more.

RIP Google Goggles. For some Android users, it might have been the first app they ever installed on a phone. To move on to Google Lens, Android users should click on this link. For iOS users, Google Lens is part of the Google Photos app that can be installed by clicking on this link.


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