Google Fit app updated with better step detection and over 100 new activities

Google Fit app updated with better step detection and over 100 new activities
When Google first announced the Google Fit SDK, it was unclear if there was also a plan for Google to release a standalone app to go along with its plans for wearable health tracking. Even after Google released the standalone Fit app, the plan is a bit unclear, because the Fit app (like many Google apps) came out a bit barebones, and has needed a lot of updating. The latest update makes quite a leap in the activity tracking.

The update adds over 100 new activities that you can choose for your workouts. The original version only included running, walking, and biking; but, the new version adds tons of options, including: Australian football, badminton, basketball, calisthenics, curling, dancing, elliptical, fencing, gardening, hiking, ice skating, jumping rope, kickboxing, MMA, P90X, Pilates, polo, rowing, sand running, soccer, spinning, surfing, volleyball, yoga, and Zumba. It is a really, really expansive list, and may be the most inclusive activity list we've seen in any fitness app. 

Google Fit is also trying to help make your smartwatch a bit more independent. There is improved Android Wear support, as well as a new experimental feature to keep tracking your steps when your watch is disconnected from your phone. This would mean you could still get a step count if you go out for a walk/run with your Android Wear device but without your phone, or if your phone happens to die before your watch does (which seems the less likely scenario). 

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