Google Chrome for iOS is updated to include a "Read Later" feature

Google Chrome for iOS is updated to include a "Read Later" feature
An update to Chrome for iOS has added a useful feature to the mobile browser. A new icon that says Read Later allows a Chrome user to save an online article to the iPhone's native memory from where it can be recalled later to read, even if the user is not online. This saves on data usage. Unlike Apple's similar Reading List found on Safari, or the Pocket app, content can only be saved on the device it was originally discovered on. And the Read Later feature on Chrome saves articles in the original "as is" format including text and images. Reading List and Pocket save a lite version of content that is text only.

Google added a similar Read Later feature to the Android version of Chrome late last year. This version uses a arrow icon in the menu to start the process of saving content. On Android, saved pages are treated the same as any other downloaded file. On iOS, these files are specifically marked "Read it later."

Whether you are using the iOS or Android version of Read Later, Apple's  Reading List, or Pocket, the goal is to read content that interests you without consuming data. Of course, with the major U.S. postpaid and pre-paid carriers beginning to push unlimited high-speed data, the only reason to use Read Later, Reading List or Pocket is to avoid going over the 22-28GB monthly data consumption figure (depending on carrier) that results in your service getting throttled during periods of network congestion.

source: TheVerge


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